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Corporate Performance Improvement

Companies are confronted with new competitors, volatile supply, and demand markets and, as a result, increasing downward pressure on profits. Those who wish to be successfully and sustainably competitive must organize their processes to the utmost power and efficiency. The identification of efficiency and improvement potentials as well as the realization of change projects using digital technologies is one of my core competencies.

My expertise:

  • Optimization of business processes and organizational development
  • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement
  • Working capital management and liquidity management
  • Development of controlling systems and integrated planning models
  • Financial and operational restructuring
  • Development of restructuring concepts

Business Development

When markets are saturated, production life cycles are growing ever shorter, and new key markets and alternative sales channels are available, the added value a company can offer its customers must be continually scrutinised. Especially in difficult economic times emphasis is increasingly put on sales to make the most out of market potential. Successful companies continually develop their business model and know today where to find their markets of tomorrow, and how to handle them.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned to think positively and to advance the critical development steps for the business of tomorrow with creativity and passion.

My expertise:

  • Development of growth strategies incl. Business Case
  • Creation of concepts for market entry and internationalization
  • Penetration of new markets and business areas
  • Carve Out of business units
  • Operative support of start-ups

Corporate Finance

The requirements for the right financing structure for companies have changed significantly in recent years due to turbulent developments on the financial markets and in the real economy. Companies are confronted with cuts in credit lines, unexpectedly difficult financing negotiations and new requirements from their house banks. Alternative forms of raising capital - e.g. corporate bonds, asset-backed securities or SPAC - should be included in the financing in addition to classic bank financing.

My experience in the European and American capital markets and my broad network of investment banks help me to find the right financing mix and thus optimize financing costs.

My expertise:

  • Development and operational implementation of innovative financing concepts
  • Identification of financing partners and process management
  • Capital market access: Secured & Unsecured Debt, IPO and SPAC


Intelligent technologies that record and evaluate masses of data at lightning speed are introducing a fundamental change in the work of the finance function. Routine work will soon be a thing of the past and new technologies will pave the way for sophisticated management and strategy tasks.

As CEO, it is my responsibility to make a significant contribution to the management of the company, which is why I actively promote digitization and thus use the potential of new technologies. With tailor-made analysis tools, I analyze data and thus deliver faster, more reliable, and precise recommendations for action.

My expertise:

  • Automation of data reconciliation
  • Use of robotics for standardized generation of reports and analyses
  • Using blockchain technology to control and audit transactions
  • Development of algorithms to optimize the sales forecast
  • Development of demand models to improve working capital
  • Optimization of the cash flow forecast using forecast models
  • Implementation of SAP S/4 HANA